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Export Trade

The main focus of CANWIN Trading is in the export of various Ethiopian agricultural products including coffee, oil seeds, and fresh fruits to different international markets. Ethiopian Arabica coffee is one of the most sought after products in the international market and contributes to 30% of the national foreign currency earning on average. CANWIN currently exports to prominent coffee importers including Germany, Saudi Arabia, China, and the United States of America, with plans to expand its market reach.

Various oil seed products such as sesame, niger seed, and soybean are among the highest exported agricultural commodities of Ethiopia with contribution of up to 20% to the national foreign currency earning. CANWIN exports the various types of oil seeds it trades to prominent buyers such as Israel, China, United States of America and the United Arab Emirates.

The export of fresh fruit is a budding venture in Ethiopia with the demand and market share growing with each fiscal year. Major produce include bananas, mangos, avocados, pineapples, papayas, strawberries and citrus fruits. CANWIN joined this growing export market by initially sending to our neighboring country Sudan, and expanding to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Italy, and Oman.

Local Trade

CANWIN is also engaged in the local agricultural goods trading business. The enterprise sources produce from small scale family farms and middle to large scale cooperative farms and brings them to the biggest markets in the country. It performs both wholesale and retail functions for different customer bases, whereby it distributes commodities to other retailers and market agents, as well as directly sells to large scale consumers such as factories and hospitality establishments.


Alongside playing a crucial role in the market as a trader of locally produced commodities, CANWIN also goes into the marketing side of the business for the goods it trades. In a world of increased competition, simply making products available isn’t enough. It is important to invest in marketing products to make them stand out from other similar commodities in the market and find new buyers. To this effect, CANWIN implements different marketing strategies designed to highlight the unique features of its merchandise and increase their market penetration.

Import Trade:

Among the services CANWIN plans to expand to, import is a prominent one. The enterprise aims to focus on the import of essential supplies and commodities that are not locally produced at the current time. These include chemicals and equipment used in health care, construction, and manufacturing.

Manufacturing and Agro-processing

Even though Ethiopia’s agricultural production and exports are dominated by primary products, more and more companies are entering the agro-processing industry to use local products as raw material and produce value-added goods. CANWIN aims to join this industry in the near future as well by setting up coffee processing plants (inclusive of roasting, grinding and packaging) and other manufacturing units.

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