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CANWIN Trading is the most recent business venture under SMART Management Services, and Adil Corporate Group by extension, that  has been newly established in 2022 G.C. It is a trading company that plans to engage in international trade through the export of various cash crops, oil seeds, and fresh fruit that are abundantly produced in Ethiopia. Most prominent examples are coffee and sesame seeds.

With increasing competition, and global and national issues hampering productivity, the export market of Ethiopia is best explained as a candle in the wind: under constant pressure to be extinguished but fighting to stay bright. That is where our company name, CANWIN, comes from, to depict the very struggle it aims to alleviate. The enterprise aims to work with local small scale farmers and medium and large scale cooperative farms, not only in sourcing the goods to be exported, but also in the overall improvement of quality of produce and laying out proper marketing channels and logistics to reach the international markets.


On top of improving Ethiopia’s export profile, CANWIN aspires to increase the country’s foreign currency earnings by exporting premium quality products at competitive prices. The enterprise has hit the ground running with the plans it has already laid out, but will continue researching ways to diversify its portfolio of products with ones that have international demand, and ways to expand its market by engaging in trade with new countries.


What does CANWIN plan to do in the future?


  • Establish its own commercial farms to become first hand producer of the very products it exports,
  • Continuously increase the type and amount of products it presents to the international market,
  • Establish manufacturing units to further process the products and export goods with value added,
  • Venture into exporting other Ethiopian products,
  • Identify and form trade relations with previously under targeted countries and markets,
  • Venture into the import of highly demanded goods into the Ethiopian market.

Vision, Mission, and Values


To become the most reliable, competitive, and quality assured foreign trader of Ethiopian agricultural products by 2030 G.C.


The mission of CANWIN is to provide superior quality, cost effective, reliable and competitive import and export services, and surpass our customers’ expectations through dedication and continuous improvement


  • Quality and safety: we are dedicated to provide agricultural products that are the highest quality achievable and safe for consumption, to the world market.
  • Customer Focused: our services are always designed and carried out with the customers’ best interests and satisfaction at heart.
  • Competitiveness: We will implement strategies designed to make our exports compete and stand out from the competition’s, in terms of price, quality, and accessibility.
  • Continuous Improvement: we strive to always better our best in all we do.
  • SocialResponsibility: by partnering with local producers, we always ensure that our business ventures create opportunities for increased productivity and sales for them, as well as a general increase in their standard of living.
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