CANWIN Trading Plc


CANWIN Trading PLC is an Ethiopian trading company established in 2022 G.C, under its national parent company SMART Management Services, and by extension, the international conglomerate Adil Corporate Group .


Our enterprise is mainly engaged in the local trade as well as  international trade through exporting some of the agricultural products Ethiopia is famous for to the world market. In addition it works in related business ventures to streamline its operations and provide the best services to its customers.


CANWIN is dedicated to providing top of the line agricultural products to the local and international market sourced from the fertile and naturally endowed farmlands of Ethiopia.

We pride ourselves on harmoniously working with our partners in both the local market and international market in all stages of production, sale and shipping to bring forth our customers’ satisfaction.


Known as the origin of Arabica coffee, Ethiopia is recognized worldwide for its rich coffee quality and flavor, which ranges from winy to fruity and chocolate, making the country’s coffee varieties highly demanded across the globe.

Sunflower oil with sunflowers and sunflower seeds in sunflower field. Shallow DOF.

Oil seeds

Due to varying uses in culinary science, medicine and animal feed, the oil seeds grown in Ethiopia are among the most demanded agricultural products and constitute a significant portion of exports.


Endowed with varying temperature zones in different parts of the country, Ethiopia is a suitable and ideal place for Fresh fruit production which range from citrus fruits to bananas and avocados.

Why choose CANWIN?



Every buyer wants access to safe and organic products that meet the export standard, and CANWIN Trading is always dedicated to providing nothing less.


First hand access to product

CANWIN Trading works with local producers and farmers and provides assistance during production, giving the company first hand access to produce straight off the farm. This has proven important in freshness of product, quality control, and pricing.



As speed and efficiency are paramount when working with agricultural products, CANWIN has laid out an organizational and logistical structure to best ensure commodities get from the farmers' land to buyers’ hands with no loss in freshness.

To whom is CANWIN beneficial


Local Producers

CANWIN provides assistance to the producers of the goods it exports, in terms of achieving higher quality outputs and having an outlet to the international market.

International Buyers

CANWIN markets and exports products of the highest quality, thereby providing buyers from all over the world access to the aforementioned Ethiopian products..

Ethiopian Economy

The services CANWIN provides will result in the increase of exports and generation of foreign currency, both of which will bring positive value to the economy.


 CANWIN Trading currently exports a variety of Ethiopian coffee, oil seeds, and fresh fruits, with plans to expand to other commodities in the near future.

 CANWIN works with several buyers in countries that are prominent importers of Ethiopian agricultural goods such as the United states of America, United Arab Emirates,China, and Italy, among others.

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